5 Lash Care Tips for Older Women

5 Lash Care Tips for Older Women

As we age its important to take care of our lashes to help prevent thinning and lash loss. This guide contains our top 5 tips for caring for your lashes as an older women.

Why do our lashes thin as we age?

age related lash loss

To understand why are lashes thin it is important to first understand the cycles of your lashes. Eyelash growth has four stages: growth, resting, shedding and re-growth. Throughout your life, your lashes continuously cycle through these four stages.

According to Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Kathleen Al Papara, as we age our eyelash follicles (the openings in the skin through which the lash grows) can slow or stop producing new lashes altogether. There is a reduction in length, thickness and even pigmentation.

1.  Take Care with Your Makeup Routine

removing makeup

Take care when removing or applying your makeup to be sure you aren't applying too much pressure to your lashes or eye area. Avoid rubbing in particular, when you are removing your eye makeup, and ensure you have makeup wipes or makeup remover close by. Use your wipes or remover  to gently remove your make up. A common sense guide is to spend as much time removing your makeup as you do applying.

 2. Be Careful Curling Your Lashes

curling lashes

Curling your lashes makes your eyelashes look longer instantly. But if you use them after applying mascara, your stiff, brittle lashes are likely to be damaged and break. 

Also avoid over curling: Curling too much or squeezing them too hard will further damage your lashes, making them weaker & lead them to fall out. Always use a sanitzer for eyelash curlers to keep away from bacteria.

3. Use a Lash Growth Serum


To support and condition your natural lashes invest in an eyelash growth serumEyelash serums are liquid formulas with ingredients such as peptides, collagen and vitamins that help make your lashes appear thicker and longer. 

When applied daily, lash serums make the eyelash appear fuller, stronger, and longer. When choosing a lash serum, look for a well reviewed one like lashfridays that is hormone free. 

4. Lash Extensions Care

lash extensions

The adhesives and the removing agents on false lashes can induce inflammation in the eye. Furthermore, removing the synthetic lashes can cause the natural lashes to fall off as well. Be careful as well with the type of lashes you choose - Wearing lashes that are too long or too thick can spell damage in the long-run; they weigh more than shorter lashes and can cause stress to the hair follicle.

5. Be mindful of stress 

lashes falling out

It's common to see lash hair shedding when you are experiencing a surge in stress. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium and can be caused by illness, emotiional stress or an event like surgery. The stress causes more of your lash hairs than normal to enter the 'teleogen' or resting phase of their growth cycle leaving you with thinner lashes.   



Why use lashfridays lash serum?

1. We use peptides not hormones

The main active ingredient in lashfridays is peptides. These are suitable for sensitive skin and have none of the risks that hormone based lash serums have such as pigmentation changes to the eyes and fat loss in the eye lid. 

lashfridays ingredients

2. We use extra ingredients to nourish your lashes

Collagen enhances the appearance and feel of lashes by increasing lash body, suppleness and sheen. The oil from pumpkin seeds helps to support hair growthBiotin adds body and shine to lash hair.  Keratin is a type of protein that works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your lash hairs. This can make the lashes appear smoother and silkier.

cruelty free lash serum

3. We are cruelty free & vegan

Our lash serums are never tested on animals and all our ingredients including our collagen are vegan.

lashfridays cost

4. We are cost effective

Our serum costs $59.99 for 3 months supply of serum if applied daily. This works out to just 67c/day. If you purchase our twin pack you save even more paying $89.99 for 6 months supply which works out to just 50c/day. 

lashfridays review


"Hands down best serum I’ve tried and the best bit is that it’s also the most affordable!" - Whitney M.

5. We have over 600 reviews from real women 

We have over 600 reviews from real women showing the incredible results they have achieved with lash fridays. Check out our product page to see for yourself how we can help you achieve the longer, thicker natural lashes you dreamed of.


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